"Good first issue". Finale.

Status: completion

    Four pull request have been submitted and work seems to be done, so let's recall what we've been working on:
1) AVMf. I believe I should give more detailed 'inside' to this and next projects (MochaJS), since at the time of writing respective post the work wasn't progressing at desired tempo. 


    The community welcomed me - a newcomer - nicely and with understanding. The issue was to add tool's logo to README.md and a brief list of features that the tool is capable of. I did my research and found the most recent article that was dating October 2018, which contains a good detailed explanation of the possibilities of AVMf. All I needed to do is to read it and boil it down to the list, which would give an idea of what the tool is for. The community gave me green light on using it as a source and so I did.
    The logo has been added, the list has been created, PR submitted, tests passed, but there hasn't been any reply as of today yet.

Link to the issue.
Link to the PR.

2) MochaJS. The issue - adding a logo to the community's site, not README.md as I though before. This very fact forced me to set up the environment for the contributions (they use Eleventy as a static site generator and self-explanatory markdown-magic). I found out the the site (index.html) getch generated from index.md, which loads 3 different '.md' components to construct its content. So I thought 'heck, why not?' and added a new component, which would dynamically load the requested logo on the site upon build.


    In the highlighted area you can notice the file 'honorableMentions.md'. It is the one that I created to be loaded with requested logo in it. Let's take a look at the content:


    Here, I load the pic file from an 'assets' folder. Even though there is only one file, I do it in a loop, since there's a possibility that the community decides to mention other individuals/companies, so the functionality is already there, they will just need to slightly modify it.
    But there appeared a problem: another person came in two days after I had submitted my PR for review, and sent his PR to fix the very same issue. I mean, I don't mind, but I highly doubt he didn't see that other people already were working on that. Not nice. 
    PR has been submitted, no response yet.

Link to the issue.
Link to the PR.

3) penguinV. There haven't been any updates since the moment after the issue was closed. The detailed report on it and my frustration can be found in my post here.
    As a side-note, I'd like to say that I am seriously considering contributing to this project because of the following reasons: the community is welcoming and helpful, the tool uses something that I would like to research about (CUDA and OpenCL).

Link to the issue.
Link to the PR.

4) schemaanalytic. No update as well. The PR's been submitted, but no reply has been gotten yet. I will follow up with the community, asking if there's anything else that they would like to fix in the opened issue. Some of the details for this fix can be found in my previous post.

Link to the issue.
Link to the PR.


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